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ZX Spectrum 48K Composite Video Mod

Making a composite video mod on a ZX Spectrum 48k is a process that requires knowledge of electronics and skill with a soldering iron. The objective of this mod is to change the RF (Radio Frequency) signal for a composite video signal, which can be used in...

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How To Set up SSH Keys on a Linux

This page explains a public key and shows you how to set up SSH keys on a Linux or Unix-like server. I am assuming that you are using Linux or Unix-like server and client with the following software: OpenSSH SSHD server OpenSSH ssh client and friends on Linux...

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Configuring an rsync Task

Configuring an rsync Task How to configure automated data transfers using rysnc. 9 minute read Data often needs to be copied to another system for backup or when migrating to a new system. A fast and secure way of doing this is by using rsync. Rsync provides the...

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How to configure static IP address in CentOS 8

There are two quick ways to set an IP address on the network interface of CentOS 8 operating system. One is using the nmtui command and the other is by direct editing of network files. If you don't feel comfortable editing files...

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